Macro Mondays: The Macro Plate.

After a few days of enjoying some not very Dainty Pig like treats while on holiday, you wouldn't believe just how excited I was to get some very Dainty Pig like takeout.  

I went ahead & put together a Macro Plate for myself. It sure was a glorious one. 

And that got me thinking that I wanted to chat about just what exactly makes up a Macro Plate!

MM: Macro Plate How-to

A Macro plate is basically like a full-on Macrobiotic meal served at once, all together on one plate. Less dishes --> always a good choice when you don't have a dishwasher.

A Macro Plate usually includes a bit of everything that's recommended on the daily eating food chart, creating a nourishing & satisfying colourful meal.

Include the following if possible: 

  • Each kind of vegetable: root, ground, and leafy vegetables {for vitamins, nutrients & fibre}.
  • A Sea Vegetable {provides minerals!}
  • A protein source like tofu or beans {builds muscles!}
  • A whole grain {long lasting energy---brain power!}
  • Some natural pickle {probiotics for happy digestion}
  • Macrobiotic condiments such as gomashio - sesame salt.  {healthy fat & high quality sea salt}
  • A sauce, like a gravy or a tahini dressing, for flavour & fun, optional but highly recommended {adds in some more healthy fat, and balances flavours if it includes something sour like lemon or vinegar}

Also, the foods are prepared with different cooking styles to give your whole meal a balanced energy. A small percentage of raw veggies are included, along with a bulk of baked, steamed or boiled veggies. The raw veggies and pickles help to balance the longer cooked foods like baked or pressure cooked items. Yin & Yang, baby.

If you follow me on Facebook @ The Dainty Pig, you've probably already seen the photo below from a few days ago!

So, let's see how my plate stacked up:


From the top left going around clockwise we have: grated carrots (root vegetable, raw), baked kabocha squash (ground vegetable), broccoli (ground vegetable, steamed), beet sauerkraut (root veggie pickle), chickpeas (protein, boiled), kale (leafy green, steamed), tofu in miso gravy (protein & sauce, sauteed), ginger cabbage omega 3 coleslaw (healthy fat, ground vegetable). The black mess in the middle is arame (seaweed).

And don't forget: 


Soup! Barley vegetable soup (whole grains & root vegetable, ground, and leafy green vegetables) , and brown rice with white gomashio (whole grain & condiment).

Well, looks like I checked everything off, and it sure was delicious.

At home, my macro plates are usually a little less involved, often simply including a whole grain & 1 or 2 veggies dishes, and often one of those veggie dishes includes a protein in it (i.e., tofu stirfry, or adzuki squash stew).

I love Macro plates, and I know Maggie does too! They are usually colourful and simply brimming with nutrition. Yuuuuum yum.

Try making your own by mixing and matching some or all of the categories of foods listed above. :)