Macro Mondays: Dulse - My favourite weed from the sea

Happy Macro Mondays, friends! This week let's talk about my favourite seaweed.

Delicious Dulse


Health Benefits:

Dulse is an Atlantic seaweed, and like most seaweeds, it contains vital minerals & vitamins our bodies need! Dulse is high in the B vitamins, along with zinc & magnesium: all of which are crucial for managing stress. I know, I know---eating seaweed might sound stressful in and of itself. But give it a shot, & you might be surprised. Dulse also has insanely high amounts of potassium (up to 34 times more than in a banana).  {Side note: I try to include some seaweed in my day for some iodine, as I do not use iodized table salt, and do not want a goiter thank you very much}.

I can only speak from my experience, and here it is: once I started eating seaweed, I actual couldn't stop. My body starts craving it if I ignore it on the cupboard for a few days. I think my body didn't know it was missing some minerals & vitamins, so once it got a taste of them from seaweed, it started sending out messages to my tastebuds saying "eat the seaweed, eat the seaweed". If you're new to eating weeds from the sea, I think dulse is a good one to try first. The taste isn't as strong as some others, and it's high mineral content makes your body enjoy it tons!


How to eat it / use it:

  • It comes in 3 forms: pieces, flakes, & powder
  • My #1 favourite way to consume dulse it to stir the pieces into hot grain porridges. It gets soft & melty and tastes wonderfully salty. Try it in hot oats with some flax oil in there too.
  • My #2 favourite way to eat it is to sprinkle the flakes on top of cooked grains, especially brown rice.
  • #3 = apple & dulse (like apple & cheese). Yum, not yuck, I promise.
  • I also throw it in sandwiches, wraps, and on rice cakes.
  • I have put both the pieces and flakes in stir frys.
dulse 4.jpg
dulse 3.jpg

Photos: Clockwise from Top left - brown rice porridge with dulse & flax oil, brown rice & vegs topped with mushroom leek gravy and dulse flakes on top, brown rice with dulse flakes, steamed veggies with whole dulse.

**A tip for buying it: squish the package to see if it is crunchy or soft. I always go for the packages of whole dulse that feel nice & soft. Maybe it's just personal preference, but these ones always taste better to me.

Have you eaten dulse? If so, what's your favourite way to consume it?