Macro Mondays: Wakame.

Hi guys, it's time for another:


And actually, this is the last Macro Mondays (MM) in March... and the last week of Maggie's Macrobiotic March! (But I'm so loving getting inspired by Macrobiotics each monday, so MM will definitely continue!).

I can tell it's almost a full moon...and Springtime...because things have been a tad crazy these past few days, with lots of emotional clearing! There's nothing better to dust and clean off for the new Spring weather than your inner self! (and I say Spring weather with a smirk, as we literally got a sick amount of snow this week).

But along with lovely flowers and warmer weather, there are many good things to come for sure, including excitement for Shauna @ She Cooks Macro to be here in Edmonton. Yipee! Super-awesome, yo!

Well, what to do when emotions are flying high? I say...cook some seaweed. Or rather, in my case, write about seaweed, at 1AM, with some tea in hand.

MM:Wakame - Another weed from the sea.

Wakame is a kind of seaweed, and one that you might be familiar with! It's delicious & nutritious. It's especially great for women, as it's a good source of calcium, magnesium & folate, along with many other vitamins & minerals. Here's the wakame I've been buying these days:


It's not nearly as delicious as the stuff I could find in Japan, but c'est la vie!

It's a lot softer and thinner, and much more wavy, than kombu.


Really, I mostly just use it in three ways, although there are many more possibilities!

How I use Wakame:

1. Cooked in with rice.


This makes rice super delicious, and if you're keeping leftovers, I find that it helps the rice retain some moisture in the fridge. And of course, it adds some yummy minerals and green-in-a-good-way to your rice. {you can make brown rice in the pressure cooker like so or by boiling on the stovetop like so} . Yum, I seriously want some right now while typing this.

2. In Miso Soup.

I don't have a pic of it, but if you've eaten miso soup at a sushi place, you've experienced it! Wakame adds a wonderful deep flavour that compliments miso oh-so-well. This is not my photo, it's sourced from google images for your viewing pleasure, & if you click on the pic it'll take you to a delicious recipe for miso soup!

3. Seaweed Salad

seaweed salad.jpg

If I can't get my hands on fresh wakame (it's kept cool in bags and covered in salt that you soak & rinse off, and often found in Korean markets), then I soak the dry stuff until soft---usually 5-10 mins. Then I chop chop chop it up. I dress it up with some lemon, shoyu, and toasted sesame oil, and a bit of sesame seeds. It's mega-delicious (the super old blurry photo does not affect the taste, I promise!). I loved living in Japan, because every grocery store deli had a wide variety of seaweed salads to munch on at a moment's notice. 

Have you tried wakame, and if so, do you like it?

Happy Monday guys!