Macrobiotics, Honduran Style

If you've been through Central America, you'll remember that the meals are pretty standard everywhere (at least in all the countries I've been): beans and rice...or if you're lucky, rice and beans (and if you eat meat, then add chicken to create the common menu: rice + beans + chicken). Lots of beans! I love them though, so lucky me!

This Macro Monday (which is actually on a Thursday...let's call it Island time?!?) is to give you a glance at what it was like to eat Dainty Pig Style while away on the island of Roatan, in Honduras.

Macrobiotic in Honduras

Eating Out

As I mentioned above, there are beans a plenty in Honduras, but chicken is usually a large part of the menu. Seafood is also easy to be found in most restaurants, so I've been enjoying snapper and shrimp. You can often get it grilled with nothing on it (my favourite is grilled with lemon or lime). but I've also had it cajun style served with spices, cooked tomatoes, peppers & onions. And I also had a delicious coconut & cilantro shrimp dish. The fish is often served whole & it's so SO flavourful.


They serve most dishes here with a side of mashed potatoes (!!?) or rice, so I choose rice (I've never liked mashed potatoes - but for the record, everyone who got them said they were absolutely delicious). Usually there are some steamed veggies - carrots & a kind of summer squash - that come with it too. And the plantains are definitely worth a try - so good!


As far as groceries go, on Roatan we've been extremely lucky. There are all kinds of grains, beans, fruits, veggies, oils, hearty breads, muesli, tahini, peanut butter, coconut waters and milks, and almond, rice, or soymilk a plenty. These are all available at the big grocery chain on island called Eldons. And of course there are fruit & veggie stands every way you look selling delicious tropical fruits like guava & pineapple.

If you're curious about other foods & drinks from home you can get here too, you will easily be able to find all sorts of meats, eggs, cheese & yogurt, wine, pasta, chocolate, crackers, rice cakes etc. too. Most products are Central American or from the USA. There are also plenty of gluten free breads and products if that's what you're looking for (check out the shop called Bulk Gourmet). You could easily create an Italian, Mexican, or American style meal with ingredients from the grocery stores here.

Daily Eats

I've been enjoying fruit (oh my goodness, the papaya is insanely good!) and toast with peanut butter or oats for breakfast, along with some amazing Honduran shade grown coffee. It's been a delightful way to start the day.

We've been keeping pretty busy so lunch has often been some quick home made refried beans, salsa, avocado and either tortillas, home made tacos, or tortilla chips. Perfect for the weather here, and to munch on by the pool.

And dinner has usually been the fish I was talking about above, or the delicious coconut shrimp I had (pictured below).


I haven't gotten sick from any food whatsoever...but I did get a sinus cold (first cold I've had in years!) due to lack of sleep & some out of character indulgence in Island rum. I woke up the next morning without a hangover, but with a sinus cold. I managed it pretty well though, and felt better within a few days (minus the scuba diving...that didn't help so much). Other than that though, all has been well.

Now it's time to get into the Canadian Christmas Spirit.
Hope you have a lovely week!
xoxo J