Macro Monday: Airports & hot weather travels

Hey buds,

The Dainty Pig is on the move again! This time we're headed to warmer weather for some fun in the sun in Honduras.

Airport traveling is much different than road trip traveling - much less ability to pack foods when going through security multiple times.

I did start the trip off right though...our first flight was over dinner, so I picked up Macro takeout & ate it in the airport before we boarded. #smartme :)


MM: Macro Tips for Happy Airport Traveling

Flying puts a lot of stress on the body: we're exposed to really loud sound for a long time, the air is cold & dry, and we're crammed in with lots of people in a tiny space. So...body stress response on ---> this means digestive power is lowered. I'm pretty certain most people experience some form of indigestion while traveling like this.

Things you can do to help your belly out:
* chew your food extra well
* choose lighter, fluid rich foods, such as fruits, veggies, cooked whole grains/porridges
* make sure you hydrate well: drink lots of water & herbal teas to balance out the drying effect from flying
* avoid any added stressors such as excess caffeine & alcohol

Over the years I've also come across some helpful tips:
* when offered beverages from the flight attendants, choose one that doesn't involve the plane's water tank (like coffee and tea). Those tanks likely don't have the cleanest water. Instead choose something bottled or canned
* zinc is great to take for immune support (a few tablets for a few days before & during travel)
* keep on top of your sleep - get as much as you can
* bring some natural ginger candy along if you get motion sick or queasy
* wash your hands like crazy!

And I was recently given some great travel tips for staying healthy while on holiday:
* take a food quality probiotic
* a bite of an umeboshi plum a day
* a cup of miso a day

I totally forgot the umeboshi & miso at home 😳 but did remember my probiotics. These things all build up the good bacteria in your belly, which gives you a better chance at fighting any bugs and dealing with stress.

I always pack a few snacks as well, so I have a quick solution if fresh foods aren't available. This time I brought: a macro bar, some tamari almonds, a few natural cookies, and a bar of dark chocolate. Obviously not a meal replacement...but these are ok on my belly if I can't find anything else.

Airport restaurant options:
*Starbucks has oatmeal: this is a great breakfast option.

*There are often stands with fresh juices or smoothies, and often fruit cups and salads.

* At some of the actual restaurants or lounges you may be able to find sushi, soups, and light sandwiches.

Leave the fun food exploring for your destination, and stick with simple foods you've eaten before. Your cabin mates will thank you.

Stay tuned for my experience eating mostly macro here in Honduras.