Fast lunch - rice cake heaven.

Sometimes rice cakes make the perfect lunch.

They're great, because they last for a long time in the cupboard, and they are a wonderfully crunchy gluten-free option for me. Also, they are tasty with pretty much any topping, sweet or savoury.


For lunch, I usually go the savoury route, and one of my favourite things is making a mock-hummus with whatever beans I have on hand, and some sort of greens.


These were organic black beans, mixed with a tiny pinch of cayenne, lemon, and olive or flax oil. I topped it with some fresh pea shoots. The only problem do you eat it without everything falling off? Well, here's the best solution I've found:


Yup. Nori---that thing you see on sushi. Simply rip up a sheet into 4 squares, and use 2 squares layered on top of eachother per rice cake. It makes it like a sandwich, while providing tons of tasty good-for-you minerals. And it's much, much easier to hold.

Another favourite combo I've been enjoying recently is:

  • pumpkin or sunflower seed butter
  • mustard (the wholegrain kind with apple cider vinegar)
  • sauerkraut (traditional, no vinegar kind)
  • a giant pile of lettuce
  • nori on top

The good thing about eating some fresh raw greens is that the watery nature of raw veggies is more yin, compared to the contractive yang nature of rice cakes. 

I usually cut up a few carrots, celery, and radish to munch on along with the rice cakes. Sometimes I steam the veggies on side---just depends on my mood.

My favourite brands for rice cake ingredients are: 

Side note: I've found the best price for these ingredients to be at iHerb -- especially for the rice cakes. Even living in Canada, the prices are so low that including the shipping, it's still cheaper than most store prices. I usually order a box from iherb every couple of months, filled with my favourite macrobiotic goodies, teas, and natural organic soaps. Using my code  ROP008 at checkout will get you $5-$10 off your first order. 

Do you like rice cakes? What do you put on them?