I'm fine and dandy, thanks!

Dandelion coffee.

Truly a delight.

I'm fine and dandy, thanks!

Kind of looks like dirt.

But delightful, nonetheless.

I have tried dandelion tea as well, and quite like it--- be warned though, it's very bitter.

Which is an indication that it's probably good for you ;)

If I want to feel truly luxurious, I make my dandelion coffee in a stovetop espresso maker.

Pretty much just like this one. I put in about 1 tablespoon, and it makes a quite strong dandelion espresso.

And if you have espresso, you may as well fancy it up!

So, I steam some almond milk (natural, no sugar) in my stainless steel stovetop milk frother.

I let the milk heat, then froth away, and I end up with this:

I'm fine and dandy, thanks!
I'm fine and dandy, thanks!

I told you----luxurious.

I sprinkle some cinnamon and a bit of cardamon on top.

If your condition allows, and you truly want a treat, a tiny drizzle of brown rice syrup is wonderful.

I get my dandelion coffee at a local grocery store. And in fact, the dandelion coffee itself is locally made too:

I'm fine and dandy, thanks!
I'm fine and dandy, thanks!

I store mine in a ceramic jar for convenience, and because I love jars:

I'm fine and dandy, thanks!

As I

mentioned a few posts back

, i'm giving up almond milk for awhile, to see how I feel.

I plan to experiment with home made brown rice milks of various kinds over the next few weeks.

Dandelion coffee is nice on it's own too, without getting fancy.

You could make the espresso, and add some hot water for a dandelion americano!

What's your favourite coffee alternative?

I mostly just drink tea --- kukicha tea, green teas of many varieties, tulsi, rooibos...

Have you tried any yummy grain coffees?

In Japan I tried this delicious brown rice coffee. It looked like very dark rice, and I boiled it for a long time on the stove. I haven't tried many other grain coffees because they usually contain barley, and i'm not sure if they're gluten free.  Any recommendations, or recipes?

Happy Day to you all ♥♥♥