Brown Rice in Cookie form.

You see, I told you I didn't need an excuse to bake!

I decided to put my new present to use:

Perhaps I shouldn't even bother with  measuring cups, as I like to fill 'em a bit too high ;)
Used a favourite book of mine:  "The Self-Healing Cookbook" by Kristina Turner.
Can't express how much I love this book...full of advice for the mind, body, and soul.
Yummy recipes!
I decided to go for an all-time favourite: oatmeal raisin cookies, that use actual brown rice in them. Sweetened the natural way, with raisins, and less than 1/4c brown rice syrup!
I used gluten-free oat flour to make them even more easy on the digestion. 

The only problem with these cookies is that they are so full of good ingredients, and free of all my allergens (dairy, eggs) that it is very easy to eat a few too many! Although, in some respect, perhaps these cookies are healthier than a lot of "meals" out there.

What's better than a mug full of kukicha tea? 

Well, kukicha tea and brown rice cookies! That's what!

I have made these cookies a few times before. They are really chewy from the brown rice, and a bit crunchy from the sunflower seeds. They sweet enough to satisfy a sweet craving, but won't leave you spinning your wheels on a sugar high.
I plan to play around with these cookies, so expect to see more variations in the future.

What have you been munching on lately?
Any yummy afternoon sweets?