Typical Macrobiotic Eats.

Whole Grains + Vegs = happy tummy & happy mind.

I plan my daily meals around these two things.
Then I add in some root veggies, round/ground veggies, and some greens.
This is often enough, as is.
But for variety and to make sure I get protein, I have some beans or fish, and nuts & seeds.
And for minerals and flavour, some seaweed.
Here was my lunch the other day:
Nishime-style Root Veggies
 Comforting and soothing. 
Boil for a long time in a small amount of water.
 Add a bit of kombu and tamari for flavour.
Very grounding.
Crispy steamed kale. 
A burst of spring, and some upward moving energy.
Brown rice.
Pressure-cooked to perfection.
The backbone of the meal.
Garnished with tamari-roasted pumpkin seeds.
Perfection in a bowl.

How can something so simple & so healthy be so drool-worthy?

Tip: drink the water left from steaming your veggies. 
A delicious and warm way to get all your vitamins!