(Sick) On Raw Food.

The other day, T and I were out and about, and hungry, and decided to try out the new (and one and only in my city) Raw Food restaurant. I have been there a few times before, but only for one of their super-duper-delicious elixir / high end mega-expensive drinks. For example, an almond milk chai infused with cinnamon, maca, chaga mushroom, etc. etc. etc.

I forgot my camera, sorry!
I was happy and excited to see that the menu had largely expanded since I was last there.

Here's what we got:
*We started with raw hummus (zucchini hummus with olive oil) and raw crackers (made from sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, and corn). It was delicious!
* Then, T ordered a chickpea burger (not raw, one of the few things on the menu that wasn't).
*I ordered the kelp noodle stir fry, with ginger-tamari sauce. It was delicious. Very yummy, indeed. I someone had forgotten that it was a raw dish, so when it arrived with all the veggies crunchy and raw, I was a bit surprised...silly Jess, it was a RAW FOOD restaurant.

We loved the taste of everything, and we loved the atmosphere.
But, the sad news it that for two days after, both T and I felt well, pretty yucky.
You can imagine the details.

Now, there are three possible explanations in my mind, for my tummy disaster:
1. Copious amounts of garlic and onions, both raw, and both things I don't often eat.
2. Raw food = no cooking = more chance of things growing in the food, that heat would normally destroy. I hope this isn't the case.
3. My system just can't handle so much raw! I am used to cooked grains and vegs. Perhaps this was too big of a shock!

In any case, we won't be going back soon, because if sore bellies weren't enough, it was also quite expensive.

Another thing I found was that I felt really really full right away, and then about an hour later I was starving again?!

The taste was lovely though, and i'm sure i'll have a drink there again.
The restaurant and staff were truly wonderful, and the decor was great.

But perhaps i'll just stick with an almond milk dandelion latte...fully cooked.

Do any of you any much experience with Raw Foods?
What's your opinion of the whole Raw Food thing?