108 for spring time.

Yesterday was the spring equinox.
So, in yoga tradition, I decided to do a home practice consisting of 108 sun salutations.

I set up my little yoga area. It's so nice to practice at home!
Some of the weekend's party decorations were still up, and they added some nice colour.

Why do 108 sun salutations?
108 is a very important number in Hinduism, astrology, yoga, and even within the Sanskrit alphabet. That is why there are 108 beads on a mala!

Detailed info on 108:
Yoga Journal article.
Some more info here.

I've done this practice a few times before, to welcome in the change of seasons.
It is a really great mental exercise. Around 30-40 is usually the toughest for me.
Once I hit 54 I'm excited because i'm half done, and then 70-108 just fly by!
Great workout for the arms and shoulders too.

Have you ever tried 108 sun salutations?
Happy Spring everyone!!!!