Back to simple.

Been a bit busy over here at the dainty pig household. 

It was T's 30th birthday this past weekend, and I was running around like crazy trying to get everything together. I sneaked his family out here from the Okanagan (in British Columbia), and organized a surprise party.
As usual with parties and family visiting, there was a lot of eating out.
I chose as well as I could, while still enjoying myself and being flexible. In my opinion, coming from previous experiences, it's actually worse to be so concerned with eating only macro food, that you miss out on having fun and relaxing. For example, refusing to eat non-macro food, and therefore feeling stressed, uneasy, and unable to enjoy a meal out with friends versus eating some non-macro things and feeling relaxed and easy-going. Stress = not so good for your overall body energy.
We had a mexican lunch, so I had a few corn chips, and some black beans, salad and guacamole, with just lemon for the dressing.  For the birthday dinner, we had thai food pickup. I ate my own brown rice at home, with the veggie and tofu green curry (actually pretty light, and not too sweet as far as thai food goes). I passed on the ice-cream cake and booze, and had some tea and organic dark chocolate instead. Best of both worlds, enjoying time with friends, and feeling happy with my eats :)
But, boy, after 2 days of random food, it's SO SO SO nice  to get back to this:

Yum. Is there anything better than fresh-outta-the-oven squash??
What's your philosophy on splurging?
How do you balance eating healthy with going out and enjoying time with friends?