SomeTHING for myself

To be quite honest, I don't spend much money on girl-type things for myself.

I rarely buy clothes. 
I barely buy or wear makeup or hair-care products.
Overall, I'm pretty low maintenance. 
I do love earrings and scarves; they are probably the most frequent girl purchase I indulge in, and even at that, it's not so often. 
For some reason, I always choose spending money on new kitchen things, books, yoga stuff, or even organic food splurges over self-care things.
But it really does feel good to spend a little on yourself, sometimes.
And it's something that I think I want to embrace a bit more.
So this THURSDAY THINGS is a present to myself:
A new haircut!!

A new haircut for a new month.
Happy March everyone!
When's the last time you did something for yourself?
What was it?