Thursday Things

Hey friends,

Hope you had a lovely Valentine's day.
Today's Thursday.
That means there are some things I've been loving.
This week there was no wondering what to post for Thursday Things.
There's really just one thing I've been really loving:

Fresh, organic, (and whenever possible) local vegetables delivered to my door??
I think...yes please. I live in Canada, and don't drive. So cold winter weather, plus on foot to get groceries every week, makes delivery a good choice. Especially when you factor in that most of the organic veggies at my local health food store are definitely not local. And also, i'm much less likely to spend extra money on extra things I don't need when i'm not wandering through aisles of gluten free and boxed products.

We got: apples, 2 kinds of carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, sprouts, beets, parsnips, an avocado and tomatoes (for the guy), mushrooms and I think that's it. Oh yeah, and a few pears.
In case you don't believe me:

Pretty decent haul. I've already enjoyed a wrap with the lettuce and sprouts, and a few veggie sautes with the broccoli and mushrooms. Very tasty. Very happy.
We're going to try a box every two weeks.
Have you ever had veggies delivered? 
Good experience? Bad experience?

Stay tuned to see what sweet treat I made for Valentine's day!