My (other) favourite thing.

Hey Guys,

Welcome to another Thursday Things post.

Today, I'd like to introduce you to the most useful thing in my kitchen.
Yep, even more useful than my new baby.

Yup, it's my "nakiri." 

A Japanese "Home Use" vegetable knife.

I think it's really pretty.

I just love the texture, and it helps to prevent veggies from sticking to it.

It has the perfect weight and feels great to use.
I can even dominate a kabocha squash in mere minutes with this beast!!!
Why did I ever wait over 3 years into my vegan/macro journey to own such a tool?

 I'll never understand.

This bad boy set me back:
about $148 CAD (using today's exchange rate).
I bought it during my last trip to Kyoto about a year ago.
Absolutely worth every unknowing-tourist penny.
They gave me a cute paper describing all the kinds of knives and what they're for. 
Japanese people take their knives seriously, and I appreciate that.
For everyday preparation of vegetables. Sounds just right!
And just for fun, I'll show you another thing I fell in love with in Japan.
All the beautiful blog props kitchen towels. This one has baby sushi all over it :)

Do you own a good kitchen knife?

I used to work at a high-end kitchen shop, and all our top-notch knives were Japanese. I think German knives used to be considered the best. I'm not sure when that changed, but most chefs coming into our shop always requested the Japanese knives.
What kind of knife do you use?