Something to Stew over.

I have mainly stuck to stews and whole grains in my new friend, the pressure cooker.
But I hope to try some new dishes soon---perhaps some pilafs, desserts, or risottos.

But this lentil stew is just SO good that I don't even want to try any other recipes.
I used the base "lentils with spicy greens" recipe from Lorna Sass' book:

"Great Vegetarian Cooking Under Pressure."

I changed the veggies, and added my own spices, and it turned out too delicious!

Carrots, Celery, Burdock (love), Ginger
Unfocused brown lentils (or are these green?)

Cooked with some coriander and thyme.
Greens and garnishes added in after pressure cooking.

This one with toasted walnuts and kale added in after.


This version had parsley and a bit of lemon juice added after cooking.

Do you like lentils?
What's your favourite way to eat them?