Summer eats.

The weather has been warmer.
I've been wanting watery foods like fresh veggies and fruits.
I try to keep fruits to a minimum, but some smoothies have made their way into my eats.
I have been loving salads....
especially after a lunch date to one of my favourite places:
Charlie's Vegetable. 
Yes folks, he only has one vegetable, and it's damn good.
Despite the ridiculously cute (and strange english) name, 
they are serious when it comes to Salads.
The all you can eat salad bar is better than I could have imagined. 
Over 10 types of fresh greens, kabocha, daikon, carrots, broccoli, seaweed, tomatoes, potatoes, sprouts....the list goes on.
There are also over 15 types of dressings, all have labels indicating allergens.
There are fun toppings like sesame seeds, spices, herbs, and even fish flakes.
You can also choose from 4 fresh veggie based soups, 
and numerous breads and fruits.
I settled down with a giant monster of a salad:
beautiful beautiful veggies

mounds of fish flakes (yum!)

Love the sesame seeds....

So awesome. Will definitely be back there soon, and
I hope to sneak some shots of the salad bar for you to see.
Do you have any favourite summer eats in your life lately?