The sun is shining,

and life is good :)
Hey guys. Long time no see write.
Not much new in my life, other than beginning to get stuff sorted out to go home!!
I have 3 months left here (sad, but a bit excited too), and I want to be able to enjoy my time here in the summer without spending all my time packing up and sorting, so we are beginning to make lists and get boxes ready.
And we had some family visit, and have been digging picnics under these glorious blankets of beauty:

I think ohanami might be my favourite activity in the world!
Are there any blossoms where you are?
In my city in Canada, there was just a blizzard last weekend....eeeergh.
I have been eating closer to my heart these days.
Less giant bowls of porridge, and more of this:
Somehow I forgot about how great wakame makes me feel. I tried some of the
cheaper store brands here when I first came, and didn't really like them, so I just let
it fall off my radar. Well, I found a better high end brand, and am cooking it
into my rice everyday and LOVING it. So energizing!
But, there have been some giant bowls of this in my life lately:

Simple yellow split pea soup:
~2 cups yellow split peas rinsed and soaked for awhile, then drained
~3 cups chopped greens (something sort of like kale?)
~6 cups of water
~spoon of cumin and some cayenne
1. Bring split peas and water to a boil.
2. Scoop off any foam that forms (if you want)
3. Lower heat and simmer for about 30 mins or until the split peas are quite broken down.
4. Chop up greens and add in, cooking until they soften (~15 minutes more?).
5. Add a pinch of salt and spices to taste and cook for about 10 more minutes.
6. Scoop out some parts of the soup and blend if desired, adding back in and reheating.
7. Serve, topped with some flax seed, sunflower seeds, and parsley.
I have been focusing on my yoga these days. I am loving it!!!
Meditating a bit more, and practicing regularly at home. 
Spending time reading on it as well.
It's what makes my heart sing, so why not spend as much time as I can on it!?
What makes your heart sing!?