One of the best things happened to me.

Really, I couldn't have hoped for more.
My favourite restaurant here in Japan, a macrobiotic one close to me, offered a cooking class!
It was in the evening, for a few hours, and it was great!!!
We made:
-pressure cooked brown rice with aduki beans
- lotus root and greens with a sesame ume sauce
- konnyaku, tofu, daikon, carrot, onion and shitake nabe (which is sort of like a stew)
- miso soup
- wheat gluten tempura in a tahini miso sauce
The couple that owns the restaurant are insanely cute and friendly.
The lady studied macrobiotics in Osaka for two years. 
The restaurant serves delicious food (the wheat gluten dishes and I often don't get along so well, but I usually don't eat it, or order something else).
It was hard to snap photos while cooking, but here are a few:
This is the aftermath of our cooking station. 
There were 6 of us, and we got to eat everything after.
And, here are some of the final food shots:

Trust me, it was much nicer than the photos!
While we were eating, the couple gave us a cute talk on macrobiotics.
As it was all in Japanese, I could only get the main ideas, BUT, it was fun anyways.
They made a big book and flipped through the pages as they talked.
Anyways, I am so happy and can't wait to take more classes! 
Have you ever taken a cooking class?
This was my first one...and I really want to study about macrobiotics, a lot more!