New Finds.

Hey guys,
I found a cool restaurant supply store in my city, that carries a lot of foreign products.
And just some neat Japanese products too.
So, let's take a peek at what I picked up, shall we?
First up, some kabocha soup! 
I usually like to make my own (so so simple, just boil kabocha with a bit of salt, then puree, then reheat--done and done). 
But when I have no time, it's nice to have a quick easy meal. 
This one was a cool find for me, because it didn't have any 
EGGS, WHEAT, or MILK products in it. 
Pretty unheard-of.  Sweet! 
Haven't tried it yet, but I'll let you know when I do.
Second. Some COCONUT LONG, hehehe.
It's hard to find unsweetened coconut, and when I have, it's generally super pricey. 
This was a sweet deal!
Third, a new Cocoa Powder.

Have you guys ever tried this brand?? 
I made a delicious cocoa last night (2T cocoa powder, sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne, mixed with hot water, and a few drops of vanilla stevia and some almond milk added at the end).
 It was really rich and yummy.
Last, and definitely my most favourite of all:
Oh, how I love raspberries. 
In the last 18 months of living in Japan, I have had raspberries ONCE. 
What a tragedy, tragedy I tell you! 
The mixed berry set is super yummy. 
It has: rasperries, blackberries, red currants, cassis, and blueberries. 
Do you like berries? Which are your favourite?
Mine are ranked as follows: 
raspberries, blackberries, blueberies and cassis are tied, then red currants, then cranberries. 
But really, all are super yummy! I love strawberries too...but only if they're fresh.
And what is your favourite cocoa powder?
In Canada, a popular store-brand is Fry's cocoa powder. It is really rich and yummy.
In terms of more expensive, fair-trade and organic ones: I really like green&blacks cocoa.
I have also tried Cocoa Camino and it was yummy too.

Stay tuned for a breakfast masterpiece using some of my new ingredients!!