pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake, baker's (wo)man.

Bake me a kabocha cake, as fast as you can!
Now why am I so excited about baking, you ask?
Well, I baked, I baked, I baked my very own cake!!!
It has been over 18 months since I last baked! 
Most houses do not have ovens, here in Japan. 
And, because I don't use microwaves very often, I couldn't justify buying a new
fancy one that has a baking function. 
And also...baking in microwaves always just seems a bit strange to me.
But, I am going to one up that whole "microwave baking is strange" idea, because I finally caved.

I baked a cake in my rice..........
wait for it.................................................................................
(p.s., I'm currently loving How I Met Your Mother...any other fans out there?)

Anyways, it was glorious!
I used the wonderful edible perspective's pumpkin buckwheat bake recipe.
So, so so so so so yummy.
Can you tell i'm excited?
My changes:
I doubled the recipe...because I wanted a big cake. Enough said.
I didn't have any bananas or maple syrup, so instead:
 I added in some vanilla stevia drops into the kabocha puree (I think I used about 15 drops?). 
I also doubled the amount of kabocha puree than called for (final amount was ~1c).
And I doubled the flax egg also (so I used 4T flax meal).
And I didn't use any nuts, because I was out.
Let's get to it!
I ground my own buckwheat groats. And mixed all the dry stuff together.

I steamed, then roasted, then pureed my own kabocha (skin included).
And I used my own almond milk. And I mixed it all together!
After it was all said and done, I felt like a pioneer woman, hahaha.
It took MUCH longer to cook using my rice cooker's CAKE function.
But, no problem. Apart from finding my patience within, it was no big deal.
I think I cooked it for just over an hour on the rice cooker cake setting.
It was cinnamony, kabocha-ey, and hearty.
I loved it! It was more like a kabocha BREAD, than a cake, because of lack of banana and maple syrup. 
But that was cool...I just served it up with a spoon of nut butter, and relaxed.
It was fun. I really miss baking. 
Normally I wouldn't bake cakes back home. 
Cookies or granola bars, or breads are more up my alley. 
But hey, beggars can't be choosers.
Have you ever baked anything cake-like in your rice cooker?
First time for me. But now, I feel like Christopher Columbus, ready to explore a whole new territory!
Do you like baking? If so, what do you like to bake?
I love baking. I find it very stress relieving. 
I think as soon as I get home to Canada, I will bake a big batch of cookies.