Macro Plates

Usually Macro plates at restaurants offer similar things:
a whole grain (usually brown rice, but sometimes a mix too) topped with a bit of seeds
light veggies (steamed, or a salad)
roasted veggies
perhaps some sea veggies (wakame, or maybe there is some kelp with the beans)
you will probably also get a soup, usually miso, on the side.

I enjoy making these at home all the time. I know that Maggie also loves her macro plates.
This one had brown rice, steamed daikon, broccoli and greens, and 
stewed carrots and burdock (nishime style).

This one had roasted kabocha, nishime daikon with sweet potato, celery, carrots and burdock.

I freshened it up a bit with some parsley. And topped off the rice with some tamari roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds.
This one has all steamed broccoli, daikon and kabocha, greens and shitake sauteed with ginger, and brown rice topped with dulse powder or black sesame:

I often drink the broth from steaming veggies. Sometime I make miso soup. 
I have some issues with fermented foods, so if I have miso soup too regularly, I notice it...
but by all means, if it agrees with you, miso soup is recommended at least once per day. 
About beans: sometime I have beans lightly sauteed in sesame oil on the side. But lately, I have been preferring to make dhal and serving it ontop of brown rice, withs some light veggies on the side. 
I don't eat beans everyday...but lately probably 3 of 4 times per week.
Yum yum. 
Have you ever tried a macro plate? 
Do you like macrobiotic food?