So I had an affair...

And I don't regret it for a minute.

Can I really be blamed?

I was tempted by early morning ashtanga yoga (oh adjustments, it has been so long), vegan sweets, macrobiotic lunches, all-day-long walks, sightseeing, and falling deliriously head-over-heels giddy with happiness.

Unfortunately, it ended far too quickly, and left me kicking and screaming like a toddler wanting more.

Let's let the pictures tell the story, shall we?


*enter a lovely restuarant, where they ate:

*vegetarian curry and brown rice for him

*for her, a vegan, macrobiotic lunch of brown rice, steamed veggies, and fresh-pressed carrot juice

*and lentil soup

*vegan/macrobiotic cafe upstairs, on another lovely day:

*set lunches for 800yen (~$8 USD)

*post lunch, warm beverages were enjoyed. Soy chai latte for him.
*roasted dandelion coffee for her.

*going with flow, and diving into another all vegan restaurant. Amazing style:

*Very quaint, with wooden chairs, wicker baskets, and seats looking onto a balcony garden. Their menu states they "do not use any refined sugar, meat, dairy, or animal products. But we do use whole foods, organic foods, and healthy foods." We were sold.

*this fresh made-to-order vegan parfait didn't hurt convincing us either (fresh soymilk icecream with no refined sugar)

*a quick dinner at a vegan restaurant, late one evening (only the vegetable curry made it onto the camera). Bad photography skills don't do the unique and cute restaurant justice. But an inventive macrobiotic themed menu do!

*walking all day around sights like this:

*made them hungry for more mumokuteki.
*more genmai (brown rice) and vegan curry for him

*and a wicker basket (??) for her

*containing freshly steamed vegetables with nothing on them. Only 2 small sidedishes for dipping if she so chose. One had shoyu, the other sea salt.

*and wouldn't it be great, if you could go to a buffet and feast on all-organic, all-vegetarian (mostly vegan) dishes, with as much brown-rice as your heart desires? They thought so:

*soy, banana, and black sesame shakes are okay too

*rainy days are great for finding new cafes

*and after more walking enjoying fresh made soy chai

*served with lots of thought and care in terms of presentation

*and maybe with a side of vegan, whole-grain, refined sugar free, organic chocolate cake (definition of heaven: somewhere that serves things she would try to make on her own...without having to specially ask for it)

Good thing T was ok with this affair. In fact, he fell in love too.

*They drove home after 10 days, through views like this:

Truly ecstatic.
Oh Kyoto. We will be back, I promise.