She did the mash...she did the millet mash...

Yeah, you all know Monster Mash is the best song ever.

Mmmmmmmmm millet.

To begin making some delicious seed and grain patties, you need to first cook some millet! (my recipe is based off Margaret Lawson's that I found here).

I do it like this:

~1 c. rinsed millet
~1 small carrot diced
~1/2 c. diced squash (optional) I used butternut
~1 tsp salt
~4-5 c. cold water (when I use squash, I use about 5 c. of water)
Bring to boil and simmer for ~40 mins, Or be lazy like me and rice cooker it on the quick setting.

(the orange is the squash, and red is the carrot!)

For a bowl of delicious millet mash (see below pic), you can eat AS is. Be warned…although it is really soupy when done cooking, millet has a tendency to harden right up, kind of like when you cook cornmeal to make polenta.

To make some delicious Millet Patties, transfer 2 cups of the cooked millet to a bowl and mix in:
~1/4-1/3 c. sesame seeds
~1/4~1/3 c. sunflower seeds
~some diced onions or green onions (I used green onions that I lightly sautéed first)
~1/2 tsp sea salt
~ 2tbsp – 1/3 c. of cornmeal (oatbran could probably do the trick)
~any seasoning you want (I didn`t use any)

Now, the reason the cornmeal measurement is so varied, is that it depends on how firm your millet is. You need to be able to roll it into a ball, and press into patties. Depending on how much water you added when cooking, the amount of cornmeal may be bigger or smaller.

Heat a pan with some oil of your choice (sesame or coconut would work well). Brown the patties and flip, browning on the other side as well. Makes a big heaping stack. Serve plain, or on a bun if you wish. Enjoy!

**These are a great way to use up leftover grains if you have them. Simply sub in for the millet, and away you go (keeping in mind you may have to add a bit of water or liquid if the grains are dry, so that you can form patties). I am sure you could easily add some sort of legumes in these as well. Have you guys made your own seed/grain burgers at home? I am dreaming up an oatmeal/oatbran/coconut/cocoa/seed patty…