Peanut butter apple pie for breakfast.

So awhile back, lovely Maggie did a post on rice cooker oats.

It could not have come at a better time! Around the same time, on the other side of the world, I was coming back from a trip to Osaka and Kobe. When I arrived home, I needed a quick meal. I looked in my cupboard, and had some oats left (**thank you online food stores, for allowing me to purchase oats in Japan!). I saw my rice cooker, and decided, what the hell, yes i'm lazy and don't feel like watching the pot on the stove. So I went for it, and haven't looked back since.

Rice cooker oats are absolutely the creamiest most delicious thing ever. And they are even more wonderful if you thinly slice an apple and throw it in while cooking. My favourite way to enjoy this delicious breakfast (or lunch...or dinner...) is to mix oats, a pinch of sea salt, cinnamon,water and one apple, thinly sliced. I then turn my rice cooker on to quick cook, and 25 minutes later, hassle free, I have apple pie oatmeal.

Add some peanut butter into the bottom of your bowl (trust me, when you get down to the last few bites, you'll be thanking me).

And then add some to the top as well.

Eat, and enjoy your peanut butter apple pie.

If you haven't tried it!!

Thanks to some online health food stores, I have been able to order oats, peanut butter (oh my gosh! 2 months without peanut butter, and you learn to appreciate it so much), and flax oil! I am definitely loving the Japanese diet, but there are a few things I miss. And I eat brown rice for lunch, and usually dinner, so sometimes it is nice to mix it up with oats in the morning. One sad thing, is that quinoa here is ridiculously expensive. It is over $2 / 100g.

Some eats that I am definitely missing:
~flax seeds (great if you want to do some baking and need an egg replacer)
~rice milk
~chia seeds
~dulse (I cannot get this seaweed here!)

Some new eats here that I am loving:
~lovely miso
~sesame everything (black sesame seeds especially...mmm...)

So I guess it's a fair trade. And my family is sending me a care package for it okay if I ask for all food? Haha...

Have a great week you guys!
I am about to finally try PBU with my newly delivered peanut butter! Can't wait!


P.S. I'll leave you with a random act of kindness: I called in sick to work on friday, because I had a bad cold, and did not feel like infecting the elementary school I was supposed to work at. On friday evening a cute english assistant lady from my elementary school paid me a visit. She brought me piping hot Japanese soup, brown rice with ginger, carrots, chestnuts and daikon that she made herself, and a kimono she brought me as a present. She showed me how to wear kimonos, and how to fold them up properly. And then she left me and T with some fresh mikans (japanese oranges) from her tree. Apparently she has a farm about 5 minutes away from me, and has a "mountain of orange trees," a huge rice field, and almost every vegetable you can think of. She invited us to go to her farm some weekend, and help her make her own umeboshi plums. She said she wanted to be my Japanese mom, and hoped that she had cheered me up....ummm...yes please! What a sweet thing to do.