Hormone Update!

Hey Ladies, So many of you were interested when I posted about my current hormonal imbalance that resulted after I stopped taking the pill (and maybe existed because I was on the pill in the first place!). As I mentioned in that earlier post, I felt certain that hormones were at the root of some recent issues. I strongly believed that time, seeing my TCM practitioner and acupuncturist, and really clean (mostly macrobiotic) diet would cause my body to balance back out, and would make me feel better!

How Am I Feeling Now, You Ask?

I had been waiting to see my normal doc for a few months, and by the time I got in a few weeks ago, it had been over 9 months since my last period. I had been doing some research on the internet, and wanted to make sure that I was tested for a few things. She did a full exam, and surprisingly wasn't too upset that I hadn't taken her previous prescription of progesterone (a 10 day dose to "kick-start" my cycle). She thought I probably had Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)--which is what I have recently been worried about. So off to the lab I went, and to get some ultrasounds.

It turns out that I do indeed have some ovarian cysts.booooo. Interestingly enough, I don't have lots of the other symptoms of PCOS--like male hair growth, or obesity (thank goodness!). So now I am waiting to see a specialist, and feel like I don't really know anything for sure about what is going on with my body.

Bad news? I have to wait until ONE WEEK before I go to Japan before I can see a specialist (I am working on this one). And also, I now have to deal with an ovary gongshow. Plus...who wants cysts?

Good news? I feel like my intuition that something has been off was validated.

I found this great link and e-book for managing PCOS naturally. I bought the book, and have skimmed through most of it. I am really excited that I can try to manage this WITHOUT taking hormones, and simply through diet. I am already mostly doing all the right things: no sugar, no dairy, no highly refined white carbs, regular exercise--which is probably why I am still a healthy weight. What do they recommend that I'm not doing? Unfortunately for me, an extremely low-carb diet compared to what I am used to; they exclude ALL grains and legumes. BUT they say you can eat as many vegetables and fruits as you want, with lots of healthy fat (nuts, seeds, oil, avocado, even a bit of coconut or cocoa for some saturated fat), and lots of lean protein (mmmm fish). I'm not too sure about this, because as you all know, I am a whole-grains girl--shout out to heather-- (although perhaps some insulin related PCOS problems are why I have gained weight, and maybe my macrobiotic whole-grained based diet isn't the best right now?). Also...too much fruit upsets my belly.Β For now, I am waiting until I see a specialist and know for sure exactly what is going on, before I do anything drastic. I am continuing with Maggie's Challenge, and eating some oatbran and brown rice, along with plenty of greens,the usual veggies, some more fruit (berries and apples) and i'm trying to eat more fat.

Also, in the meantime until I can see a specialist, I decided to see another medical doctor, who bases his practice around healing and fixing problems with diet, supplements, and exercise. I just got a whole bunch of blood taken, to test for any vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and I am paying some big bucks to get a blood test for Type IV food allergies (which can only be tested through the blood). That PCOS e-book mentioned that if you have this syndrome, your body is already really sensitive, and any added inflammation (the major source being hidden food allergies) will really slow the healing process--thus they highly recommend this test. So we'll see what comes of this.

Well lovely readers, that is that. Sorry for a food-devoid rather dry post. More yummy food pics to come soon. Lauren, a blog-reader, commented on a post mentioning that it would be lovely to see a step-by-step guide on how I make my brown rice (seaweed included), so expect that coming up! If you have any advice or knowledge on PCOS I would be super grateful to hear it, and if you have any questions I am always here, or you can email at