I know I eat macrobiotically...

BUT: I firmly believe in breaking the rules sometimes.
Okay, lots of times. At least for my one long-time love: Cocoa.
I will admit it. I also have a new love. It goes by the name coconut. And it comes in many forms: deliciously rich milk, sweet wonderful icecream, metabolism boosting oil, and of course, classic shredded goodness.

Now--unfortunately for me, neither of these things come first (*cough*anywhere*cough*) on any "to eat" list of macrobiotic foods. Also unfortunately for me, I have fallen off the amazingly great macrobiotic eating train lately, and instead have been enjoying a love affair with cocoa and chocolate. I have this bad habit of being REALLY good that I won't have anything non-macrobiotic for weeks...even months (such as last summer), and then one little taste, usually of sugar, and I'm totally on a mad chocolate guzzling rampage. This time around though, I am trying to let myself enjoy treats more often, in an attempt to stop these awful bad eating sprees. A bit of sweetness in life is needed sometimes.

Anyways, enough rambling--onto the good stuff!
I have already paired my delicious cocoa and coconut in previous snack sensations:

Cocoa Nibs and Coconut Milk as a topping for fruit

After tasting this combination, I began craving it on everything (see my post below about oatbran with cocoa nibs and coconut milk).
I recalled seeing this delightful creation at the health foods store I used to work at--packaged nicely in a jar.
Today when I was there, I decided to use my gift certificate for a little splurge, and ended up bringing home the most delightful treat ever:

Artisana Cacao Bliss. Truly blissful for sure. And made with great ingredients:
all organic everything: coconut butter, extra virgin coconut oil, agave syrup, cacao, and cacao butter. Holy Mama!! (i'm not too sure how i feel about ingesting taste buds like it, and i've read some good things about it...but as I try to stick to macrobiotics when possible, i usually just use brown rice syrup...and if i'm being bad, honey or maple syrup...but seeing as how i'm on the whole cocoa and coconut train, a little agave never hurt anyone...right?)

Once I was home, I opened up the jar to make sure it was safe:

Unfortunately...or maybe fortunately? it was. It was frickin' DELICIOUS. So I was inspired to make a post lunch dessert:

Cacao Bliss Banana Oatbran

A true splurge for me, seeing as how I rarely even eat bananas, as most tropical fruit should be avoided on a macrobiotic diet.

Here's how it played out:

I threw some water in a pan (~1.5 cups) and brought it to boil.
Added in about 1/3 c. oat bran, and 1/3 c. rolled oats.
Threw in some sliced bananas.
Let it cool a few minutes.
Topped with some cacao bliss.

**it is quite possible that a second serving of cacao bliss may have snuck its way in halfway through...and the chef may have also tasted a few spoonfuls just to make sure it really was amazing**