The quickest oatmeal loveliness ever!

So I really like oats. And oatmeal. And oatbran. My absolute favourite way of eating oats is the whole oat thing, but that takes awhile, and unfortunately, doesn't happen as much as I would like it to. Even regular stovetop oatmeal can take a few minutes (and pan washing!). BUT, I am not so much a fan of quick oats.
My solution???

Quick Oatmeal/bran (minus the quick oat part)

Take your favourite mug, and add:
~1/4 cup of oatbran
~1/4 cup of rolled oats

Then pour boiling water over top of the oats (just eyeball how much...the oats gobble it up pretty fast).
Do a little stir...maybe add a bit more water.
Then cover the mug with a plate, or whatever, to seal in the heat.
Wait for a few minutes (maybe 3?), then uncover and there you go!

Add whatever delicious toppings you like, and you're ready to feast!
This works AMAZINGLY well if you need to take a snack with you to work. All you need is a kettle at work, and you can bring the oats in a tupperware with a lid.

Today I topped mine with coconut milk, cocoa nibs, and cinnamon....mmmmm....
Sometimes I use more oats than oatbran, othertimes I used more oatbran...and depending on the size of the mug, the amount of oats might be bigger!

I also sometimes make a hot cocoa base (add some cocoa powder, spices, and amasake or ricemilk to create a liquid paste) then add the dry oats to that, then add the hot water. This is delicious too.
Here are a few photos of QUICK cocoa oats in a mug, with some cinnamon, and either a bit of maple syrup of rice syrup:

If you need some oats quickly, don't like the idea of "quick oats" and don't have access to a stove, or simply don't want to wash a pan, this is for you!