Oh-I love my-sawa pot.'s Thursday, and I haven't done a Thursday Things post in awhile.

Did I ever show you what my lovely man T got me for Christmas?

An Ohsawa Pot ( A ceramic pot that is meant to be placed inside the pressure cooker).

An Ohsawa Pot ( A ceramic pot that is meant to be placed inside the pressure cooker).


The Ohsawa Pot makes whatever it is you cook --- and so far I've tried apples, brown rice, millet, and adzuki pumpkin stew --- taste even yummier than in the pressure cooker alone. I believe part of the reason for this is that it keeps all the moisture inside the food. Also, the ceramic pot reduces the slightly metallic taste that the pressure cooker can impart into food. (Truthfully, I never really noticed any sort of metallic taste from the cooker until after I tried cooking in the Ohsawa pot, and then again without it, and noticed how different the same dish tasted). Plus, you can soak the grains, cook them, and serve them all in the Oshawa pot...and then pop it right into the fridge to store the leftovers.

So far, i'm super happy with it, and haven't cooked a thing in the pressure cooker without it since. The above dish, stewed apples with ginger & cinnamon, turned out fabulous, and it was my first attempt at using it. The ratios for water change a bit, so i'm still experimenting to get the perfect recipe---i'll let you know when I do.

But honestly, the tastiest thing to emerge out of my Ohsawa pot so far, is simple brown rice. I didn't think brown rice could get any tastier, but both T & I cannot get enough. Super Yum. Expect my new recipe soon. Until then, try my recipe for brown rice dainty pig style version 1.0 (stovetop) or version 2.0 (pressure cooker - no Ohsawa pot).

Have you ever cooked in an Ohsawa pot?
Any tips or favourite recipes?

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Have a great day.