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My name is Jess. I'm the Western Canadian Macrobiotics-fan & recipe-maker behind this blog.

Often, when I eat with other people I get asked:  "Uh, why do you eat like you do?" Short answer: I have multiple food allergies (mainly eggs, cow dairy & certain grains). Longer answer: I love macrobiotics!

As an avid health nut with many food allergies, and a yoga student & sometimes instructor, it probably goes without saying that I have tried many different eating & lifestyle suggestions. From higher protein, to raw foods and everything else in between.

My journey into this way of eating began years ago after many efforts to heal mysterious stomach problems that surfaced after a long traveling adventure. As I'm sure you'll agree with, stomach problems are well, pretty sucky.  I saw many doctors, but received no useful help or advice, and no definitive results. 

In an effort to heal my belly on my own, I realized that what I was currently eating just wasn't working for me, so I began my journey away from the Standard American Diet. I tried removing certain kinds of dairy, different grains, and most refined products. My stomach did a happy dance! I started feeling better, but something was still missing. I wanted more than just a normal stomach; I was craving vibrancy & balanced energy.

Why Macrobiotics?
So how did those diet changes lead me to the path of Macrobiotics? Looking back, I can see that I was at a point in my life where I was open for change, and able to receive guidance. It came in the form of a workshop at my yoga studio. A lovely and well respected health practitioner, Geha Gonthier of Wellness on Whyte, was leading a workshop on balancing the body during Spring. We covered many natural health principles so that we could learn to understand our bodies signals, and decide what foods would bring each one of us balance. I listened. And I listened again. And I realized that I was indeed needing some brown rice in my life, for grounding after a hectic school year.

So, brown rice it was. I focused on chewing simple food: lots of brown rice & whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts & seeds & healthy oils, some gentle seasonings, legumes & odds and ends here and there. And well, to put it simply: I felt frickin' radiant. My body, mind, & digestion became happy and more balanced than I had ever experienced. So, I dove into anything and everything related to brown rice and whole foods and my search led me to Macrobiotics. I jumped on the Macrobiotic ship & have continued to eat this way, because it's what works for me. Today I still CRAVE brown rice. I still LOVE eating veggies. Legumes, nuts & seeds DELIGHT me. {Later on I had a food allergy test done, and it just so happens that many of the foods I can't tolerate are also foods that the Macrobiotic diet doesn't include}.

I am happy to announce that as of 2015 I am a graduate of David Briscoe's Macrobiotics America Macrobiotic Counselor Training Program. This was a wonderful year long opportunity to dive into more Macrobiotic learning. I studied the history of Macrobiotics and learned about the human body and its major systems. Along with studying recipes and remedies, I learned about diagnosing and helping people with certain conditions, and rounded out years of self-study. This was a great experience! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program, or if you are interested in or require any guidance within your macrobiotic practice, or help with a specific ailment.

Learning about holistic nutrition, and Macrobiotics in particular, is my biggest passion. I've spent countless hours reading and pondering over cookbooks & textbooks. I get excited over finding weird ingredients. I just want to soak up all knowledge on the subject. BUT what really keeps me coming back, is how continually amazed I am at the big-picture view that Macrobiotics takes. It's not just about food. It's about finding balance in the bigger sense. And yes, for myself, that balance sometimes includes chocolate & coffee & goat cheese, amongst other things. Some weeks I'm more balanced, and sometimes for a few weeks I'm not so much. But I always end up coming back here, back home.

Another fundamental thing I've learned is to make sure your food is pleasurable, and that you really enjoy it & savor it no matter what it is--Macrobiotic or not. There are no bad foods: I've been doing a lot of thinking about food lately, and one things I am 100% certain of is that what works for me will be different than what works for you. It's about finding your own unique balance & foods that enable you to become grounded inside & out so that you can share with the world that glorious spark burning inside - this blog is simply my story and journey of finding balance.

This blog is a macrobiotic journey inside & outside of the kitchen, for those who are dainty in every way, but are gluttonous for happiness, following your dreams, & living a BIG life!   

I am BEYOND excited to connect with all of you, and my intention with this space is to share my ideas & recipes, inspirations & thoughts, as genuinely as possible, so that I can build and be part of the amazing macrobiotic & healthy eating / holistic lifestyle community. I have much to learn, so any guidance is greatly appreciated.

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My sweet friend from the Amazon.

My sweet friend from the Amazon.