Corn + black beans = a perfect combo.
I think many of you would agree. It's a match that never fails to satisfy.
Corn chips + black bean dip. 
Corn & black bean salsa. 
Corn & black bean chili...enchiladas...quesadillas.... 
You get the idea.

Well today I decided to get all "fancy."

How about some "fancy corn" --> polenta 
And some "fancy beans"--> pressure-cooked black beans (flavoured with kombu).
Don't mind if I do.

I usually get 2 meals for 2 people (so, 4 servings) out of this dish, by having "cornmeal soup" the first day, saving the rest, and then enjoying polenta the next day. These are the directions I follow, courtesy of my cute little Nana:
Cornmeal Soup
6 cups water
1 cup cornmeal
generous pinch of salt
1 cup frozen corn kernels (optional).

Bring water and salt to a high rolling boil.
Slowly whisk in cornmeal (I usually use a coarser ground cornmeal, but any should be fine).
Stir continuously for a few minutes to make sure you don't have any clumping.
Reduce to simmer, and let cook anywhere from 10-30 minutes. 
*I usually cook about 18 mins or so, keeps sweeter and creamier the longer you cook it..
*I usually keep a lid on halfway to avoid bubbling over.
About halfway through cooking add in a cup of corn kernels if you like (I used frozen organic).
Divide in half. 
Set aside one other half in a shallow baking pan to cool. Keep in fridge for next day.
Pour the other half into 2 bowls. 
Eat it's hot. As a soup, it's delicious topped with some thyme, and a little olive oil.
I often eat mine with a bit of shoyu cooked in at the end, and some sesame seeds on top.

Some not--so-macro but very delicious options
Cook in some white wine and grated gruyere, parmesan or swiss cheese.
leftover cooled and set cornmeal soup 

Slice the leftover thickened cornmeal into 8 pieces.
Heat some olive oil in a saute pan and brown polenta on both sides.
Serve with a side of beans and veggies. For a treat, also slice some Avocado.
Or as my nana traditionally does, with some grated gruyere or swiss cheese, and olives.
It might be "fancy" but it is actually really easy. 
Shhhh don't tell anyone.
What's your favourite black bean and corn combination?
Do you like Polenta?