Sweet treats.

A sweet treat for my sweetie and I to enjoy on Valentine's day:

Did you know you can cut strawberries to look like hearts? really super easy :)

For our evening indulgence, I made 
Brownies with Tofu Whipping Cream
They are mega-delicious, and are made with brown rice and almond flour.
I made a few substitutions/changes to her recipe, to make them a bit more macrobiotic friendly:
* Instead of earth balance, I used 1/4c. vegetable oil 
   (I used 2Tbsp olive oil, 1Tbsp sunflower oil, 1Tbsp walnut oil)
*I also added 3Tbsp applesauce
*I replaced the sugar with maple syrup granules
*I used 1tsp baking powder instead of soda, because I only had alkalized cocoa available
*I toasted the walnuts first
*I used unsweetened baking chocolate, plus a few dark chocolate squares cut up (I think 70%).

To up the macrobiotic friendly factor even more, you could replace cocoa powder with carob powder, and use grain-sweetened chocolate. Let me know if you try!

I served ours up with some quick: 
Tofu Whip
*1 package of lite silken tofu
*2Tbsp maple syrup
Blended with an immersion blender until very smooth.
Keep in the fridge for a few hours to firm up.
*At many of the macro-restaurants I visited in Japan, this was served with desserts, I simply guessed the proportions and ingredients, and it turned out just fine!
These brownies are best made the day before you want to eat them. They get really dense after sitting awhile. Store them in a glass container. I put mine in the fridge.

There are far worse things in the world, than waking up to brownies in the fridge.
I saved a few, and brought the rest for some yogi-friends to devour. They gobbled them right up and pronounced them swoon-worthy :)
This was the first time I have used maple syrup granules, because, let's face it: they aren't cheap.
I got these ones from iHerb.
They were just superb, as was iHerb, as always :)
$5 off your first order with code ROP008.
By FAR the cheapest place to get products like seasonings, sweeteners, etc.
What's your favourite brownie recipe?
Have you made macrobiotic or vegan brownies?