Thursday Things

Good morning!

I decided to join the trend around the blog-o-sphere, and post something everything thursday that I truly enjoy, love, want, have, or am excited about.

So, the star of this week's Thursday Things is.....


A few years back, I used to cook up whole grain oats on weekends. I tried the overnight slow cooking method I read about in one of my macro books. It involved bringing the oats to boil, cooking for just a few minutes, then letting them cool off and soak all night long. In the morning, I would recook for about 45 minutes. They were delicious, but took much more effort than my current pressure cooker variety. I had to constantly watch the pot to make sure the thick goopey oats didn't boil over, and the pot was not so nice to clean.

But things have changed since my best friend arrived on our doorstep.
As per the recommendation from this book:

I purchased along with my cooker, I soaked oats in a ratio of 3 cups water per 1 cup oats. I let them soak overnight. In the morning, I simply put the lid on the cooker, brought up to high pressure, and cooked for 30 minutes. No watching for bubbling over, no scraping the last bit off the bottom.

And my-oh-my...soft creamy oats that are still somehow a bit chewy.


I  dished out 6 lovely servings of oats to keep us hungry breakfast eaters happy for a few days. Simply re-heat in the morning on the stove, adding in whatever you like.

I like to add in a few chia seeds while they're re-heating, sometimes some raisins. And I love topping them with a bit of ground flax and cinnamon for a sweeter taste, or some dulse and flax oil for a more grounding hearty dish.

Pressure cooking saves LOTS of time. Especially with soaked dried beans, and by soaking grains you can reduce cooking time by 40%.

But more importantly than all that, it tastes SO much better, and keeps in more nutrients. And for me, the clean up is JUST. SO. EASY.  (We got a big pot so we didn't have to worry about stuff bubbling up into the lid, so far it is always sparkly clean).

Some of my favourite topping combinations include: 
-- sunflower seed butter with cinnamon and raisins on top
--flax oil and dulse flakes
--a bit of fruit only jam
--ground flax with cinnamon or a touch of pure maple syrup
So, what are you waiting for?? 
Not only are whole oats amazingly delicious, but they will easily keep you energized until lunch.
Have you ever cooked whole oats?
What do you like to put on your oats (any kind of oats)?